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6:30PM - 7:00PM

Your Next Step with Doyle Jackson

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Jesus has the answer. He has that next step for you. Let's open up the Word today and see what God will say specifically to you. Your Next Step is presented by The Church Next Door in Columbus, Ohio in partnership with Wessler Media.
7:30PM - 8:00PM

Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah


When life gets tough, it’s hard to see past our troubles. But as we’ll discover from Joseph, God has a purpose behind the problems He allows into our life. Dr. David Jeremiah takes us to a dark chapter in Joseph’s story that vividly illustrates how God can use our present trials to bring about . . .
9:30PM - 10:00PM

Focus on the Family with Jim Daly

With God’s help, you can forgive those who have wounded you, and live a life of freedom. Hear one woman’s powerful story of forgiving her abusive parents and how you can begin the forgiveness process in your own life.
10:15PM - 10:19PM

Joni and Friends Radio Program with Joni Eareckson Tada


The Joni and Friends Radio Program is a four-minute broadcast hosted by Joni Eareckson Tada. The inspirational program airs each weekday, sharing a biblical perspective on a wide range of topics. Joni shares encouragement, tackles issues related to . . .
10:20PM - 10:25PM

Mission America with Linda Harvey
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Equipping Christians with current, accurate information about cultural issues such as feminism, homosexuality, education and New Age influences. 
10:30PM - 11:00PM

A New Beginning with Greg Laurie

Jesus said “blessed are the persecuted.” That’s a puzzling statement. How can persecution be a blessing? Pastor Greg Laurie addresses that Wednesday on A NEW BEGINNING. We’re unraveling the biblical prescription for happiness as revealed in the Sermon on the Mount.
11:30PM - 12:00AM

Pathway to Victory with Dr. Robert Jeffress


The struggle between good and evil is as old as time itself. It began when an esteemed angel in heaven rebelled against God. And ever since then, God and Satan have been engaged in a cosmic battle of epic proportions. Today on Pathway to Victory, Dr. Robert Jeffress takes us to a passage in . . .


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