Greg Tidwell

Greg Tidwell

Each Sunday at 9:00am, a lesson from the Bible is presented from the Church of Christ on WRFD radio.

Take this opportunity to learn more about God's simple way of salvation as presented in God's word.

Being right with God is the basis of being right in every part of our life. Listen and see how your life can be improved by the spiritual power of God's truth.

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Serving the Columbus, Ohio community, the Church of Christ at the corner of Fishinger and Kenny Roads is a fellowship of believers devoted to the truth of Scripture and its application to our lives. The Church of Christ is a congregation of Christians, joined together to do God’s will and serve as his representatives in the world. Believing the Bible is the word of God, the Church of Christ bases its teachings only on the Bible and search the scriptures as our guide and authority. To do so, we follow the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ and the examples set by the apostles and the first century church as described in the New Testament. 



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