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Do What Is Right - iBelieve Truth: A Devotional for Women - November 10

Do What Is Right
By: Keneesha Saunders-Liddie

If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it. – Genesis 4:7

When I’m on my laptop and go to get a cold glass of water, I have to be careful when I start using my mouse pad again. I would wipe my hands off and look to make sure there isn’t any water left on my fingers. Sometimes, I forget to wipe my hands and the next thing I know is there is a little streak of water on my mouse pad.

That’s when the problems start. My computer then starts glitching (she’s old) and I still have to wipe away all of the water for it to work as it should.

The water that gets on my mouse pad is sin and the mouse pad represents you. All you need is just one lapse in judgment. Just one moment to lie or to succumb to envy and boom everything stops working as it should.

Your marriage suddenly faces more arguments than you can imagine, your children starts being rude or throwing that tantrum that causes everyone to look at you and shake their heads. It seems like God is so far away and he doesn’t see what you’re facing, but he is still where you left him.

God didn’t move away from you, you did. When there is sin at your door the enemy does all he can to attack your life from any angle he can get. If he can cause you to doubt that you’re a good parent or doubt that the decisions your making in your life are not Christ-like, he has got you.

The key verse today is in reference to Cain. He was the firstborn son of Adam, born into a sin-cursed earth with his own sinful tendencies. Cain had a choice just like you do. He could have simply done what was right, all he had to do was exactly what God asked of him. Instead, he continued down a path that led to sin ruling his heart and mind.

Genesis 4:7, inspirational image

Cain got to the point where he killed his own brother, Abel.

When the Bible tells us that our heart is naturally bent toward evil, it's true. If you find yourself drifting further and further away from God, it is time to repent. Now is the time to do what is right.

The option that is best is to repent and forsake this sin. It doesn’t matter what it is. If its laziness, lying, stealing, comparison, envy, or sexual sins, today is the day to repent. It is time to rededicate your life to God.

God is waiting, sin is lying at your door, what choice are you going to make? If sin abounds in your life then your prayer life is a waste of time, your service or ministry is not counted for God. Your marriage will continue to spiral out of control and your children will witness the hypocrisy in your life.

What you can do is remain faithful to God, take each day moment by moment because giving in to temptation can lead to sin easing its way into your home.

You have two natures warring within you. Your flesh desires to rule you. It wants you to only seek the pleasures of this world that don’t satisfy. Then you have the Holy Spirit and the changes that have begun taking place within. It’s time to tell your flesh that Jesus is in charge and begin by doing what is right and so resist sin’s rule over your life.

Just like one drop of water can cause me to lose the ability to control the cursor on my laptop screen so a tiny opening of sin can cause you to go down a path you will later regret.

Keneesha Saunders-Liddie is a writer, avid reader and Jesus lover. She recently started a blog to encourage women to show Christian love to others and to share biblical counsel with anyone who needs it. She firmly believes that the bible has the answers to everything that pertains to life. She is a wife, mother and student. You can connect with her on Facebook and Pinterest.

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